Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Marriage Record of Graydon Reid and Margaret V Koehler

Margaret Veronica Koehler was the youngest daughter of Henry John Koehler and his wife Mary M Pfeffer. She married Graydon Reid in Peru, Indiana on 30 November 1942. It was the second marriage for Graydon and the first and only marriage for Margaret.

The record of their marriage can be found on Family Search in the database, Indiana Marriages, 1811-2007. This database has actual images of the records and this particular one is from the 1938-1942 Miami County, Indiana Index F. It is the fourth entry which begins on page 67. The record is spread out over three pages and contains a lot of information on the bride and groom including the street address.

The record reads as follows:
Groom: Graydon Reid
Residence of groom: Marion, Indiana (3212 W 10 or 20 - the street number is difficult to read)
Groom's age on next birthday: 36
Color: white
Occupation: machine operator
Place of birth: Bath County, Kentucky
Father: Nick Reid
Mother: Francis Colliver
Number of groom’s marriage: 2
Bride: Margaret V Koehler
Residence of bride: Marion, Indiana (1925 W 9th)
Bride's age next birthday: 24
Color: white
Place of birth: Cincinnati, Ohio
Father: Henry Koehler
Mother: Mary Pfeffer
Number of bride’s marriage: 1
Place of marriage: Peru, Indiana
By whom married: Mabel A Personett (Ms. Personett was the Justice of the Peace in Peru, Indiana.)
Date of marriage: 30 November 1942
Record Number: 1663