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Copyright Notice

This blog is the personal property of the author, Lynn Wayson Koehler.  You may NOT copy or publish the content of this blog for any purpose without written permission from the author.

Any photo that does not indicate a source is the property of the author.  You may NOT use it for any purpose without written permission from the author.

That being said, the author likes to share and will do so in most situations if she is politely asked.  


1.  This is a genealogy and family history blog and, therefore, the information presented on it is not necessarily carved in stone.  As new information is found, I just might change my mind as to any conclusions that I might have arrived at on an earlier date.  

2.  All of my findings will be sourced as to where they were found and all credit will be given to any person that has helped me along the way.  I really do want you to check my accuracy before you take my information and add it to your family tree so please find that document, newspaper article, or whatever it is and look at it yourself!

3.  The comments on this blog are monitored by me and I will not post any that are inappropriate, offensive, or are trying to sell something.  

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