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Joe Haitz - World War II Draft Registration

Joe Haitz missed not having to register for the World War II draft by only sixteen days.  On April 27, 1942, almost five months after the United States entered World War II, the fourth, or Old Man's, draft registration took place.  All men who were born between April 28, 1877 and February 16, 1897 and who were not already in the military were required to report to their local draft board and complete the cards that would be put into use if needed. 

Joe Haitz - World War II Draft Registration Card
Front of Card

Joe Haitz - World War II Draft Registration Card
Reverse Side of Card

Information learned from his card:

1.  Joe did not have a middle name as he was obviously asked for it and must have replied "None".  

2.  The family's address was R.R 2 in Ripley, Brown County, Ohio. 

3.  The family had a telephone though Ohio Bell and their phone number in the Ripley exchange was 123 W1.  

4.  Joe's birthdate was 13 May 1877 and he was born in Ripley, Brown County, Ohio.

5.  He must have called his wife by the nickname of Nettie.  This is the only place I have seen this.

6.  His occupation was a self employed farmer.

7.  He was 5' 9" tall and weighed approximately 155 lbs.

8.  He had blue eyes, gray hair, and a ruddy complexion.

9.  He had no physical characteristics that could be used to identify him.  

10.  Margaret V Blatter was the registrar for the local draft board.  

Along with the information, Joe signed the card so we also have an example of his handwriting.

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