Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Genealogy Squirrel - The Disappointing Part 2

Well, it seems that maybe Maisie and Montgomery finally caught a squirrel.  I just wish it wasn’t the one that I was chasing on  If you don't know who Maisie and Montgomery are,  I introduced them in my last post which you can find here.  

There we all were enjoying ourselves, doing the happy dance, and finding our family in the newly updated Cincinnati Enquirer database on when, as quickly as the update appeared, it disappeared, leaving us wondering what had happened.  No explanation, no notice, no nothing!  Some people emailed and others, including me, left questions and comments on their Facebook page letting them know about our disappointment.  We were all given the same answer -The content was mistakenly posted and was removed due to license restrictions. We are hoping to make this content available in the future but it requires coordination with the publisher.”

Major disappointment!  I don’t know how the newspaper archive/website system works, but obviously the Cincinnati Enquirer is digitized and ready for researchers to dig into.  I’m sure the problem has something to do with money as that seems to be the bottom line on all things these days, and I doubt the problem is on’s end since the inclusion of the images would only benefit them.  

I am usually one to pretty much go with the flow, but I sure hope things get settled between and the Gannett Company, the publisher, who is blocking the update.  I would be happy even if the update didn’t include recent issues.  Something, just give me something and I will be happy!  

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