Monday, October 16, 2017

The Mysterious Marriages of Arthur Bauman and Margaret Haitz

I've heard of couples who get married twice, but usually they get a divorce first, think better of it, and then remarry each other. What I have never heard of is a couple who seemingly marry each other twice without ever divorcing, but I should never say never. I can now say that I think I have seen one and it's in my own family, too!

In 1929, Arthur Bauman and Margaret Haitz were supposedly married in the parish house of St. George Catholic Church in Cincinnati. I say supposedly because the only source I have found for this marriage is an article in the Ripley (Ohio) Bee dated 12 September 1929 and newspapers are not considered sources of proof. 

   An evening wedding Monday (Labor Day) at the parish house of St. Georges' Church, Cincinnati, united in marriage Miss Margaret Haitz, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Haitz and Mr. Arthur Bauman, son of Mrs. Cora Bauman-Streif of New Richmond, O. The only witnesses at the ceremony were Robert and Elizabeth Haitz, brother and sister of the bride.
After a short honeymoon trip to the North they will life [sic] at 1402 Regent Avenue, Bond Hill, Cincinnati.

Everything was all well and good. I had entered this date into my Roots Magic genealogy software and made a note that I needed the marriage documents to consider this proven. Then I found the mystery element of this story. 

I was poking around on the Hamilton County Genealogy Society's website and found a marriage record for Arthur and Margaret in the Index of Marriage Banns at Hamilton County, Ohio Courthouse the society's free database. I thought I had found the document I needed to prove the 1929 marriage, but then I saw the date. This document was not for the 1929 marriage. It was a copy of a form that had been filled out and indicated a signature of Father Antoine Brockhuis. It said that he had married the couple on 20 February 1932 after banns had been twice published in St. George Catholic Church, Cincinnati.

Index of Marriage Banns at Hamilton County, Ohio Courthouse
Hamilton County Genealogy Society (database)
I wish I could say that I know why there are two marriages for Arthur and Margaret, but I can't. It could be that this form was copied, after the fact, into the marriage record book by someone in the church office and they mistakenly put that day's date instead of the date of the actual marriage. Maybe more research will enlighten me or maybe this is one of things that will remain a mystery forever. It wouldn't be my first unsolved genealogical mystery! Let me know by leaving a comment if you have a theory! 

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