Thursday, October 15, 2015

Obituary of George Haitz, brother of Joseph

It's been a while since my last post and a lot of things have happened since.  I am happy to announce that my youngest son and daughter-in-law are expecting a little girl in early March. This will be a very special birth as their daughter, Caroline Grace, was born prematurely in the summer of 2013 and lived only a day.  While we still grieve for Caroline, our family has prayed for this baby for a long time and continue to pray for a healthy pregnancy and successful birth.  This little girl will be my eighth grandchild!

Also since my last post, this state experienced a record rainfall resulting in flooding that devastated parts of Columbia and the surrounding area. It was so nice to see people pulling together, providing clothes, food, water, and other supplies to those who needed them.  After eleven days of being under a boil advisory, all of Columbia now has clean water to drink.  It will be a long while until all the roads are fixed and a full recovery is made for those who lost belongings, houses, and businesses. 

George Haitz, Sr., Maplewood Cemetery, Ripley, Ohio
Maplewood Cemetery
Ripley, Ohio

Today's obituary is for George Haitz, Sr. who was born in 1867.  He was the brother of Anna Serwna, who lived to be one hundred, and my great grandfather, Joseph Haitz

George was 85 years old when he died March 3, 1953 at the home of his son, Leon, who lived on Bradyville Pike near Ripley.  He was a widower and a retired farmer.  Two other sons survived him, George Russell and Nick both of whom lived in Ripley.

A requiem high mass was intoned by Father Gregory Sturm in St. Michael Catholic Church on Friday, March 6 with burial in Maplewood Cemetery.

"Requiem High Mass for George Haitz, Sr.," obituary, The Ripley (Ohio) Bee, 12 March 1953, page 6, column 5, George Haitz, death, 3 March 1953, Ripley, Ohio. 

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