Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The First American Haitz

The first Haitz family member who could call herself an American citizen was Elizabeth, daughter of Frank and Elizabeth (Germann) Haitz. Elizabeth was born December 20, 1859 in Boston just nine months after her parents were married in the same city. She was born at 100 Everett Street which I assume was the house where the family lived. Frank was employed at the sugar house.

If you search for Everett Street in Boston on Google Maps, there are several roads and avenues which are named Everett. After researching where the sugar house might have been located in 1859, I determined that it was most likely the Boston Sugar Refinery in East Boston on Lewis Street between Webster and Sumner Streets. There is still a Lewis Street today, although Webster and Sumner Streets no longer extend as far as they did in 1859. Nearby, a street called Everett is still in existence. Going on these two facts, I would place the Haitz family residence in East Boston. There is no way to tell which house Frank and Elizabeth lived in as address numbers have most likely changed since 1859, but Everett Street today is a narrow road with houses lined up side to side. A current look at the street can be seen here - Everett Street, East Boston, Massachusetts

To view the birth record of Elizabeth Haitz, please follow this link to Family Search. You may need to register for a free account to see the actual document. 

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