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Obituary of Franziskus Xavier Haitz

The death of Franziskus Xavier Haitz occurred on November 24, 1886.  His passing did not seem to give cause for a long and flattering obituary, but he was remembered in the Ripley, Ohio newspaper of the time, The Bee & Times
"Frank X Haitz, a German aged about 50 years, died at his home in this township, on Eagle Creek, Thursday, of heart trouble, and was buried in Maplewood Cemetery, from the Catholic Church, Saturday morning. He leaves a wife and several children."

"Untitled obituary for Frank Haitz," obituary, (Ripley, Ohio) Bee and Times, 1 December 1886, Frank Haitz, page 3, column 3.

Francizkus (Frank) Xavier Heitz (Haitz); Maplewood Cemetery, Ripley, Ohio
Francizkus Xavier Heitz
Maplewood Cemetery
Ripley, Ohio
Franziskus is buried in Maplewood Cemetery in Ripley. The epitaph on his headstone is written in German, his native language. 

Franziskus Xavier Heitz
Born 3 September 1824

Died 24 November 1886  
Here sleeps in this grave until on the last day when God calls you. The trumpet of mercy calls you. Out of your grave He calls you into the land where death is not to separate, where no one knows pain and sorrow.

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