Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Frank B Clark's Death

Frank Bernard Clark died September 24, 1960 in the Veteran's Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio where he had been a patient for almost a week.  He is buried in Locust Grove Cemetery in Dover, Kentucky.

Frank Bernard Clark - Death Certificate

The Ripley Bee, September 22, 1960
The Ripley Bee, 22 September 1960

The obituary contains several mistakes.  Frank did not die in the Brown County Hospital, although he may have been there before going to the Veteran's Hospital in Cincinnati.  His father's name was John, not Jacob.  I have seen a couple of documents where his father was named as Jack so it might be that Myrtle thought Jacob was his name. Her mother -in-law was Belle.  The final mistake is in the spelling of Frank's daughter's name.  The youngest daughter was Irma, not Erma.  Small mistake, but pretty important if one is researching.

Headstone for Frank Bernard Clark
Locust Grove Cemetery, Dover, Kentucky

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