Friday, July 10, 2015

Marriage Banns for Albert Haitz and Mary Louise White

While I have had good luck in finding marriage license and certificate records online for my Haitz family members, my luck ran out with Albert and his bride, Mary Louise White.  If I want to have a copy of their record, it looks like I will need to go to the Brown County Probate Court to get one so that task has been added to my To-Do list.

My search for some record of their 1940 marriage, however, was not entirely in vain.  I found a notice of the third reading of the marriage banns in a Portsmouth newspaper on the website,  

Haitz White Marriage Banns
The Third Reading of the Marriage Banns for
Albert Haitz and Mary Louise White.
Marriage banns are published three times before a marriage in a Catholic Church, and some other Christian churches, not only to announce the forthcoming wedding ceremony, but to allow time for  anyone to come forward with objections to the marriage.  The banns for Albert and Mary Louise's marriage were read for the third and final time in Saint Michael Catholic Church in Ripley, Ohio on Sunday, February 4.  The wedding took place the next day, February 5.

"Couple To Wed," Portsmouth (Ohio) Daily Times, 4 February 1940, marriages banns were read for the third time at St. Michael Church for Albert Louis Haitz and Mary Louise White; digital images, ( : accessed 20 June 2015); citing the original.

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